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Shamanic healing is a process, not an event

It delights me daily that people all over the U.S. are discovering, or re-discovering, shamanic healing. Because of the articles I've written about soul retrieval and compassionate depossession, people from all over this country find their way to my site and ask their questions about shamanism and shamanic healing. A question I hear very often is: Will I need more than one healing session? My answer is that no one can say, and I'd like to discuss why that is so. One thing I've observed in my work is that the soul yearns to be both whole and free to live its purpose. In fact, the more whole our soul is, the likelier it is to successfully live its purpose. And so sometimes the events and symptoms we experience in our bodies, minds and lives are the soul's way of prompting us to seek our healing, which leads to our wholeness. Depression and sadness, for example, are a common reaction to soul loss. So a client will come for shamanic healing, feel either immediately or gradually free of depression, and look forward to plunging back into life with vigor. And then, a few months later, the depression and sadness return. And my client is then puzzled: Why didn't my shamanic healing stick? When old symptoms return, it is often an indication that the healing stuck very well. So well that the soul has grown strong, is craving more healing, and prompts the feeling of sadness to drive the client to it. The return of a useful symptom, then, often indicates that the client's soul is ready for the next step in its healing journey. The shamanic healing process is most like peeling that proverbial onion. We [...]

Is Shamanism Real: And What About Dreaming?

Thanks to the sponsorship of the amazing Rubin Museum I discovered the fascinating documentary film Edge of Dreaming. In this film Amy Hardie documents, very intimately, a year in which she transforms from a "rational" scientific documentary film maker, into a dreaming, shamanic-journeying film maker. In the course of that transition, she experiences a convincing dream-based prediction of her own death and the healing that was needed to make that death an ego-death, rather than a physical one. I was initially drawn to the film because Amy declares early on that she is a person who doesn't dream. My Beloved is also one who rarely remembers his dreams, and I often wonder about the meaning of that. One night, Amy dreams that a loved pet horse has died. She awakens from this unusual dream to discover that her horse has, indeed, died, and in precisely the way portrayed in the dream. Some few months later, Amy dreams that she is to die in her 48th year, which is about to commence. Amy's life begins to focus on what this possibility might mean to her, to ponder what this dream might mean, until she becomes ill in her 48th year with a lung illness that threatens her life. Amy then embarks on an exploration both intimate and scientific, within her own life and in interviews with various scientific experts in dreaming and neurology, eventually deciding that there might be some kind of "knowing" in her dreams. It is then that Amy consults with a shaman, Claudia Goncalves, who helps her to journey to the source of the problem. In this journey to non-ordinary reality Amy encounters helping spirits who show her how her life is connected to [...]

Is Shamanism Real?

I love the Internet. It has completely changed the way we communicate with one another, and created open doors for ideas and interactions that we couldn’t have dreamed of a few decades ago. When previously I’d have had to write you a letter or produce a flyer to let you know what I was thinking or what classes I am offering, now I only need think about it for a few moments, hit the keyboard, and you are informed and I’ve communicated. Another thing I like about the Internet is that I can read what you are thinking, as you wend your way to my web site. I’ve invited Google, in the form of Google Analytics, to tell me how people arrive at my web site. So it tells me a lot of general, not specific, information about who is looking at my site and how they found it. For example, I can see that my average viewer spends over 3 minutes reading my site. And I’m glad of that because one purpose of my site is to help you understand healing, coaching, Reiki, shamanism and the possibilities they offer for your life. Another thing it tells me is how you, my anonymous reader, might have arrived at my site through a Google search. And those are the really intriguing bits of information Google feeds to me. The most fascinating Google search that brings you, dear Reader, to my site is this: Is Shamanism Real? I like this question because it is what I asked, myself, for several years. As I intently studied shamanism and began a shamanic practice, I found great joy in it. But I asked myself at least daily: is this real, [...]